Chatango Rules

Hey everybody! If you didn’t already get a welcome, welcome! This is Kim here, and I’ll be the one writing the rules for our new chat. I will keep these short and simple, as most of you guys are familiar with the rules already.
1) Try your best to be respectful to others. Not everyone is going to get along, and that is expected! But please try to keep arguments or shittalking to a minimum, and try to end arguments in private or as quickly as possible!
2) Sexism or racism isn’t allowed, of course. I shouldn’t have to explain this one.
3) No porn, gore or lewd stuff. If you know it won’t fly with us, then it probably isn’t safe to post. (That goes for cropped porn, too, incase y’all try to be sneaky)
4) If you think a subject is going to go haywire fast or make others mad, don’t talk about it, simple.
5) Don’t stalk or harass each other! This and number one are the most important rules.
6) If you are banned or want to discuss an issue about somebody or something going on, refer to the mods. We are plentiful, and we will try to get to you as soon as possible.
7) Try to keep shitposting to a minimum. A lil’ joke here and there is OK, but don’t spam or keep up something that you know should’ve been done a long time ago

Shik here, these rules are mostly guidelines.  The biggest thing to keep in mind is, and these are more subjective in general but basically decided in finality by us: don’t be a dick.  If you post something just to offend people we’re gonna notice and stop it, and warn you.  Same goes for spam.  Please keep all hate, flamewars, politics, personal disagreements and other bullshit and drama out of the chatango.  

When a mod says this argument, topic or conversation is over, it’s absolutely 100% over. Getting in the last word is delete and warn then a ban/mute. Even though free speech is cool, some topics and ALL arguments do not belong. Take it to PMs if you want to continue an argument or topic. We don’t want to know about your fetish or personal life or deal with drama.

Also porn will never be allowed, see: especially this part:

No Sexually Suggestive or Expicit Content. You may not post content that is sexually suggestive or sexually explicit, such as pornography, photographic or illustrated depictions of sex acts or sexually suggestive poses, or content that contains a link to an adult website.