How to Get Bitcoins for Free (and Not for Free)

First, before you can even get a Bitcoin, you need a wallet client. I highly recommend Electrum, click here to get Electrum: (ps: is the ONLY official site for Electrum and it regularly updates, so check back often)

When you first start up Electrum, you have to create a wallet. Just create a wallet like this image for the easiest time: then click next. You will get something like this: THIS IS IMPORTANT. This is like your password to your bank account with full withdraw control important! Write this down somewhere, and make sure you got the order right! With this 13 word “phrase” you can recover your Bitcoin wallet and therefore money even in the case of a total hard drive failure; remembering it fully is the best way to handle this. Note: after it will ask you to confirm the 13 word phrase. After that you should encrypt your wallet with a password. Make it a good password, your private keys (aka withdraw controls) are encrypted with this password, and will be required only when sending coins.

After you set up all this up, you will have an empty wallet. Click addresses. Right click one of the receiving addresses and click copy to clipboard like so:

Now you have a place to receive your money! If you want to send it to someone else or learn more about Electrum’s features click here: if you want. Next let’s get some free Bitcoins:

Here are some great places to get some free Bitcoins. Note: they take a while but you can stack it up and eventually get a money flow going, especially with the final site after this list. Bookmark all of these sites then open them when you feel like earning money. Note: most of these require you to disable Adblock for their site. I’ll explain the money flow technique after this list:

  • – Faucet Rotator that earns you free referral credit for using it!  Recommended to use a unique address for this faucet compared to others.

Use that site to earn Bitcoin for free.  If you want a longer list of faucets and more earnings click here.  After you enter your Bitcoin address it should be simple enough to start earning!

Here’s how to get Bitcoin for not free, as in you have to pay cash for them: you need a bank account to do this. Sign up for Coinbase here: and it is highly recommended to store your newly bought Bitcoin in your Electrum wallet (read above for setting it up and using it). You can also use Coinbase to sell your Bitcoins for cash.

Finally after you earn/bought some Bitcoin, why not buy an online Bitcoin miner? Basically you pay someone to get more Bitcoins for you for a share of the profit; they use your Bitcoins to buy mining equipment for more Bitcoins; see here for details: I used this site for months, and you can earn Bitcoin on top your Bitcoin using this: you can get a free small mine to start, and the more you buy the more you earn from mining! And you earn interest on your balance!  Basically by buying enough mines, you can start earning passive income using these links. It takes a bit to build up from faucets to the mine to good passive income but it’s worth it.

1 more final thing: if you want to buy stuff with Bitcoin, you can convert it quickly to gift card credit easily using

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