Nuclear Throne Review

Nuclear throne is a 2D topdown arcade “rogue-lite” shooter made by Vlambeer in Game Maker Studio.  You start by choosing a character, and you start with a meager weapon and have to upgrade by finding better weapons and collecting enough radiation to change yourself with upgrades, both of which there are many of.  Your goal is to get to the end of the portals to sit on the titular Nuclear Throne and become king of the wastelands.

This sounds very simple, but like most things rogue-lite or based anything on rogue at all, it’s difficult for many reasons.  Barring skill in the game, you will die a lot because you don’t know much about the game or what is best to do in certain situations; this is true with any good rogue-like game, and this holds no exceptions about that.  I won’t describe about what you need to learn, so you should play it yourself instead or read somewhere else if you want knowledge about the game.

Overall, if you treat it like an arcade 2D shooter with constant updates, it is very good and very well worth the value.


Link to game here

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